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For years, investing in real estate has remained one of the most popular options for investors. From residential to commercial projects, there are numerous opportunities available for individuals willing to go into this sector. Investors who do their due diligence are often rewarded for their patience when the property is taken up, ensuring a steady income stream.

In London, Adnan Imam is an experienced investor and the Managing Director of IPE Developments, a real estate development firm in the city. Its current portfolio includes a number of housing construction projects such as the Walworth Collection, which is described as a collection of one to three-bedroom apartments located in Elephant & Castle.

With billions of pounds being pumped into the project, the Walworth Collection is expected to bring to life a new neighbourhood that will make the most of London. Elephant & Castle is home to one of the city’s most exciting regeneration programmes, with the prime focus being to turn South London into one of the most desirable neighbourhoods. It is located 10 minutes away from the West End (if you’re using the tube), and already has a diverse community entrenched.

The Elephant, as the location is affectionately known, is an intersection of several routes into the capital. It also has a long history, strengthened over time by the arrival of new communities into the neighbourhood. The area has a particularly strong youth influence, which gives it a buzzing and energetic spirit that investors and residents will enjoy. Green surroundings, a market square and a traffic-free town are attractions that developers in the region are confident will attract more people to the area.

The growth of Elephant & Castle has, over the years, been boosted by the efforts of various formal bodies, including Transport for London, The Mayor and Greater London Authority, and Southwark Council. Together, they have brought housing associations, developers, the community and local institutions on board with the mission of revitalising the neighbourhood and making Elephant & Castle a preferred location to work and live.

As the developer, Mr. Imam’s IPE Developments has made it its mission to develop sustainable residential developments in London. The company’s track record testifies to this, as it has completed more than 15 projects ranging from apartments to penthouses. Investors who are keen to see high-quality finishing need only visit some of these projects, which range from the Lourdes Collection in Fulham to the Globe2 project in Bethnal Green, among many others.

IPE Developments has a team of experienced property experts who know the market inside out. Their knowledge and skills have made it possible to create spacious and comfortable homes for a demanding market in the capital. The team prides itself on attention to detail, making sure projects are well-handled through all stages.

Property Development Success

Property developers understand that patience is a necessary virtue in the business. Seeing the process through – from identification of assets and assessing viability, to commencing construction and promoting the project – takes time. Successful developers are also knowledgeable about the process. Where they lack information, they surround themselves with people who know. They continually seek to learn more about markets, finance, planning, marketing and the construction process.

As a developer, this knowledge is essential because there is a financial commitment involved, from both themselves and from investors. It’s crucial that the developer demonstrates an ability to take control of the real estate project and see it through. Doing so instils confidence in investors whose primary interest is to see favourable returns.