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Adnan Imam

Adnan Imam is a successful entrepreneur who is based in Mayfair, London. This blog has been established to discuss the professional topics and interests of Mr. Imam, which include property development in London, online technology, outsourcing, recruitment and internet advertising.

Property Development

Adnan Imam is an experienced property developer who is the managing director of IPE Developments. Through the company, he’s invested in the development of 800 units, half of which are located in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. The total value of these investments exceeds £250 million.

The team at IPE Developments is dedicated to guiding the firm’s investments across numerous opportunities. Over the years, the company has expanded to bring in experts from the real estate industry to guide it into profitability. Regardless of the magnitude of the project, the team has always been able to deliver quality results.

Online Technology

Adnan Imam is an established entrepreneur whose investment firm, IPE Ventures, has been instrumental in the growth of online technology in Bangladesh. He is also the chairman of Green & Red (G&R) Technologies, which spearheaded the development of an online advertising platform for the country’s growing advertising sector.

The issue of online security is one that G&R, under the leadership of Mr. Imam, sought to tackle. Like many nations, Bangladesh struggled with the issue of pirated software. What G&R attempted to do was convince the general population of the need for authentic anti-virus software. G&R approached this problem by designing an ad network campaign that communicated simple messages about the issue, proposing the global Kaspersky anti-virus brand as the solution. The three-year long campaign reached millions of people, helping increase brand awareness that lead to growth in internet security software sales.


Adnan Imam has been at the helm of the UK-based IPE Group for several years, providing his business expertise to guide the company towards profitability. Sound decision-making and the ability to jump on potentially-lucrative opportunities have helped the company stay on top.

Through his private equity company, IPE Ventures, Mr. Imam has established several outsourcing companies for businesses in various sectors. One of these companies is Genex Infosys, which is based in Dhaka. Genex is a leading provider of customer experience services and is trusted by many leading brands. The company’s commitment to becoming the experts in outsourcing has resulted in high levels of professionalism and quality service. Having a strong management team – which draws professionals with knowledge of areas such as operations, project management and business development – also goes a long way towards establishing the company’s credibility. Mr. Imam is co-founder and Managing Director of Genex Infosys.


Through his private equity ventures, Adnan Imam has managed to build several successful businesses and become associated with others. In the recruitment sector, he’s become a trusted source of leadership advice to companies such as Volante Recruitment Services (part of IPE Ventures). Mr. Imam is the Chairman of this firm.

Volante Recruitment is a specialist supplier of skilled professionals to various businesses in the United Kingdom and Europe. The firm has its offices in London, from where it has experienced consultants working to pick the right candidates for clients. Volante prides itself on getting it right the first time, something that has led to repeat business. Its management has over 60 years of combined experience within the recruitment sector.

Internet Advertising

The technology industry is one that Adnan Imam is very interested in. Through his private equity company, IPE Ventures, he’s made investments in various start-ups that operate in this sector. One of the first companies that he invested in was Green & Red (G&R), a Dhaka-based company that established the country’s largest internet advertising platform.

G&R was founded in 2009 to help provide a way for monetising local content in Bangladesh. It developed the first ad network platform, in the process attracting more than 3,000 apps and websites to use its services. Through G&R, hundreds of advertisers have reaped the benefits of successful ad campaigns, and their success has helped push the growth of the country’s online scene. G&R is big on innovation, having launched a local language dashboard and location targeting functionality.